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New Construction

Birch Park II Building B Reconstruction

Fairbanks, Alaska

  • Alaska Housing Finance Corporation
  • 10T05-006
  • $962,596.87
  • Current


Completely reconstruct a two-story four-plex building from the foundation level up, that was previously burned to the ground located at 1516 Gillam Way in Fairbanks, Alaska. Construction work includes new framing and trusses, windows and doors, siding, interior wall systems, mechanical, electrical, interior doors and cabinets, flooring and all new interior finishes.

AMYA Phase I & Dining Facility Renovation

Fort Richardson, Alaska

  • Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities
  • 50719 & 50699
  • $2,523,289.61
  • Completed December 2009


Various renovations to the Alaska Military Youth Academy (AMYA). Phase I work included the demolition and replacement of doors and hardware, concrete landings, fire alarm systems, interior lighting, exit signs, emergency lights and flooring in approximately 18 buildings. Dining Facility renovation work included renovation of an approximately 9,400 square foot dining facility included replacement of flooring throughout, replacement of tile walls throughout, repainting of the interior of the facility, enlarging existing bathrooms, upgrading the mechanical and electrical systems and repaired and replaced as necessary of the built-up roofing where contract work has removed or added penetration items.

Truck Load Complex (FTR188)

Fort Richardson, Alaska

  • US Army Corps of Engineers
  • W911KB-06-C-0027
  • $2,523,289.61
  • Completed December 2008



Constructed and engineered structural steel truck loading facility that provides ten truck multi-level loading position, adjacent supporting hardstand,

operational lighting, an operations facility with latrine, warehouse, security fencing, utilities, electric service, exterior and interior lighting, paving, sidewalks, curbs and gutters, fencing and gates, storm drainage as well as other site improvements.

Prince William Sound Community College Cultural Training Center

Valdez, Alaska

  • University of Alaska Anchorage
  • 564264 (07)
  • $2,092,238.00
  • Completed May 2008



Project included a Building addition of 4,500 square feet of exhibit/training/fan room spaces, including selective demolition/renovation/remodeling of approximately 900 square feet of the existing Prince William Sound Community College Building. Work also included site renovations to existing parking lot, as well as existing pavement patching and site landscaping.

Old Harbor Gym and Voc/Ed Additions

Old Harbor, Alaska

  • Kodiak Island Borough
  • $2,697,000.00
  • Completed October 2010



New addition and extensive renovations and upgrades to Old Harbor high school and facilities. Project included painting of the exterior of the existing high school, new carpet tile flooring in existing classrooms, sprinkler modifications to existing high school areas, new Vocational Education addition, extensive gym and multi-purpose facility renovations, new pvc roof membrane, new mechanical boilers and air handlers for gym facility and new addition, upgraded fire alarm to accommodate new voc/ed addition and to integrate into existing school building, upgrades to emergency lighting in the gym, renovated locker and training rooms and new gym flooring.

Talkeetna Warm Storage Building

Talkeetna, Alaska

  • Kodiak Island Borough
  • 09-024
  • $867,619.85
  • Completed December 2009



Project consisted of the new construction of a pre-fabricated metal building, including site clearing, clearing and construction of a fully functional 200 ft by 200 ft fenced storage yard, a vegetation bugger along the right of way and the transplanting of trees for such buffer, development of a new facility driveway, installation of a submersible well pump, pitless adapter and all appurtenances to complete the Class C Drinking Water Well for the owner, the installation of a new septic system with a two-foot sand filter, and the complete construction of a 50-by-54 ft pre-fabricated metal building with an office area (full wall to ceiling), restroom, double sink counter, hot water tank, well pressure tank, buried floor drain waste holding tank, double-walled above ground fuel oil tank, oil fired unit heathers, a building DDC system and power and communications to support the existing SCADA system.

Fire Station # 12

Anchorage, Alaska

  • Municipality of Anchorage
  • 07-14
  • $867,619.85
  • Completed September 2009



Complete construction of a new 2,172 square foot CMU ambulance bay and dorm room (sleeping quarter) and facilities addition, and the interior renovation and finishes upgrade of approximately 4,000 square feet of the existing building, the construction of a new parking lot, as well as extensive exterior landscaping and improvements.

Kenai Peninsula College MAPTS Building

Kenai, Alaska

  • University of Alaska Anchorage
  • 564226
  • $2,280,996.00
  • Completed February 2007



Ground up construction of a new 6,800 square foot wood framed single story structure. Facility characteristics, exposed fastener metal siding system, fully adhered EPDM roofing system, Concrete foundation with slab on grade, complete plumbing, mechanical and electrical systems.

Fairbanks Community Behavioral Health Center

Fairbanks, Alaska

  • $5,642,155.18
  • Completed January 2006



This project consisted of all work, equipment, and materials necessary to construct and erect an approximately 34,000 square foot, 2 story office/meeting room complex. The project consisted of all items required to construct a building from ground up to key ready on undeveloped land in a region that presents sub zero temperatures in the winter months. Some key elements of construction for the facility consisted of clearing the site area, earthwork and grading, concrete footings and foundations, installing city utilities, water and sewer, all electrical and mechanical systems, structural steel erection, interior framing and wall systems and interior doors, casework and flooring.

Sunshine Community Health Center

Talkeetna, Alaska

  • Sunshine Community Health Center
  • 202.100
  • $3,266,880.40



Complete new construction for a 12,000 SF approximate 90 room community health center located in Talkeetna Alaska. The scope of this project consisted of clearing, grubbing, excavation activities including the installation of water and sewer

Complete new construction for a 12,000 SF approximate 90 room community health center located in Talkeetna Alaska. The scope of this project consisted of clearing, grubbing, excavation activities including the installation of water and sewer systems. The facility was wood framed with extensive steel column and architectural glue-lam beam construction. Special features of the commercial facility were the installation of an underground water storage tank, and auxiliary generation system to support the sprinkler system due to the facility type and occupancy, and a radiation resistant room for the X-Ray equipment. Finishes consisted of GWB, log work inside and out, custom casework, laminate flooring, sheet vinyl, VCT and carpet flooring. The electrical consisted of emergency transfer switch; gear rough in conduit complete lighting package and devices. The mechanical system utilized a self-contained oil fuel storage tank and oil fired boilers with hydronic heating, and air conditions for the entire facility.